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(n) an annoying person, usually a family member or roommate, who asks for help folding the laundry, but then takes apart and folds everything the helper folds.

They do this because they claim the helper folds the clothes wrong, and they have to fix it, although everything looks fine to most normal people.

The worst part is that they continue to ask for help folding the laundry, even though they refold everything.
Person 1: Hey, can you help me fold this huge pile of laundry?

Person 2: Sure man. *folds a few things*

Person 1: *takes apart and refolds Person 2's items*

Person 2: Why'd you just do that bro? I'm helping you!

Person 1: Well, you folded it wrong.

Person 2: Ok, sorry... I'll stop then.

Person 1: No, no, no! I still want help! Come on don't leave me with all this!

Person 2: You are such a refolder bro! I'm leaving
by cats00000000000000000 November 01, 2011
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