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Redneck Monday is a college tradition in the State of Louisiana. It began at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by a group of students in the Theta Xi fraternity, including Kasey Kay, Charles Allen Standly, Chapman Matis, Matt Ikner amongst others under the direction of the chapter president, Chris Orillion. In this tradition, one must speak extremely Texan, and say the most absurd and traditional metaphors one can think of. All members of age must only drink either an Anheuser Busch beverage, a form of bourbon or whiskey, or a subordinate of the Dr. Pepper bottling company. The phenomenon began to spread across the entirety of the University campus and is now a recognized activity of the student body. The event is often cited as an expression of the Texan culture celebrated by many of the university's students, many of whom hail from Texas.
Yee-Haw! I hope y'all can stomach the cope, It's Redneck Monday!
by AOthetaxi October 17, 2007
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