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A piece of rebar, or other very heavy material, with a grip made of tape at the end. This is designed to simulate a sword for forms, while ramping up the challenge involved.
Hiro is in his 20-by-30 at the U-Stor-It. He is spending a little time in Reality, as per the suggestion of his partner. The door is open so that ocean breezes and jet exhaust can blow through. All the furniture - the futons, the cargo pallet, the experimental cinderblock furniture - has been pushed up against the walls. He is holding a one-meter-long piece of heavy rebar with tape wrapped around one end to make a handle. The rebar approximates a katana, but it is very much heavier. He calls it redneck katana.
- Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson
by mortal sky September 08, 2010
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