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A girl who grows up in Redford Township, MI. Not only does she aspire to be a guest on Jerry Springer but knows its her destiny because shes a trifle ass, gamey bitch always on some bullshit, looking to get over on a motherfucker thinking because shes a loud mouth in your face cunt she has the right to nigger up your world anytime she pleases simply because your the sucker stupid enough to be her old man so you must be a douche bag.
Person #1 Hey dude wheres your girl??

Person #2 Oh that Redford Bitch?? We aint together anymore...
Person #1 Really why??
Person #2 Cuz bro you can take the bitch outta Redford but you cant take the Redford outta the bitch
by Shannananigans September 25, 2013
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The dirtiest type of hoe. Someone who is truely okay with fucking anything with a ditry twist to it
Who's vag resembles a split grilled cheese sandwich.
"Hey, look at that see cow hooker!!"
"Ya that's a real redford bitch!"
by funnyfucker420 September 25, 2013
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