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A combination sexual act involving the Montana Monorail, Colorado Chocolate Blizzard, Idaho Twister, Wyoming Waffle, utah rainy day, Arizona Facial, and new mexico rodeo. The exact order of acts is not relevant, however due to probable injuries requiring a hosptial stay we sugggest the utah rainy and Wyoming Waffle be done last. Keep in mind the Wyoming Waffle may cause crimainal charges, but if you are bold enough you can follow it with a Mississippi Bullwhip. However, this would not be keeping in tune with the theme of this sexaul act.
Lori had been married to a preacher for most of her life and had stayed by his side living on a limited budget and never straying beyond the missionary position that he told her was required. But when she caught him with her brother in the baptismal pool playing hide the boner she decided to let her hair down. She drove over to the local biker bar and took them to the church where they perfomed the Redbank Tour of the Rockies on her just as the congregation showed up for Monday Night prayer service.
by slipperyschlonge March 19, 2010
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