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When two gay men intertwine their penises together like the snakes on the medical symbol (aka Caduceus). Part of the process when gay men have sex and one of their penis' starts to open to accept his partner's homosexual man-wang. Following this ritualistic and ever changing act of passion and lust, explosions of the rainbow sherbert burst in the most violent of fashions and fills their with a misty, fruity and frosty goodness only surpass-able by winning the lotto while receiving a BJ on Ecstasy.
I heard those two dudes are into red vine-ing so much that their penis' got tied in a knot

Those dudes had a three way red vine-ing session that two of the three dicks opened up and swallowed the third dude.

That dude is so good at red vine-ing that his cock is search and rescue due to its rope like consistency from wrapping his cock around many dudes including horses.
by heard it on The Office November 29, 2012
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