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Created in 1999 in Anderson, South Carolina by Native Floridian Lindsay K. Peterson. This mixed alcoholic drink was born from boredom of all the super-sweet or super-tangy liquor mixed drinks of the time. It consists of 2 parts BlackHaus liquor, 1 part Cranberry juice or cocktail with a splash of cherry juice. Suitable substitutions: blended flavor cranberry juice or cocktail, grenadine in place of cherry juice. NOT A SUITABLE SUBSTITUTION: any blackberry flavored liquor that is not BlackHaus!! This drink may be served on the rocks, as a two leveled shooter (cran and cherry mixed as 1 level), frozen, shaken or stirred. Garnish with maraschino cherries and/or a lime wedge.
OMG! I never thought this RED RAVEN would be this yummy. Finally, something that isn't so overpowering, I could drink Red Ravens all night long.
by Kaliann McKenzy February 23, 2010
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