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A drink originating in Sioux Falls, SD, named after The RedEye Bar it was invented in, appearance, and for its affects post consumption. Served in a plastic power bomb shot glass, you fill the center shot with UV Cherry Vodka and fill the outside ring with NOS Energy drink. The shot will look like a red eye. Created at a time before a negative correlation between energy drinks and alcohol was established, this shot represents the true epitome of the dangers presented with combining both items. Caution is strongly advised: If consumed in moderate to large quantities the imbiber will develop blood shot eyes.
Mike: What do you feel like doing tonight? Are you up for a drink after work?
Jack: The red-eyed Coyote will appear in the RedEye Bar at the far end of town.
Mike: Oh man, I'm not sure I can handle another night of Red Eye Shots!
by Surpriselove June 19, 2018
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