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A Reashmaster is someone who is incomprehensible thus representing the mathematical expression of Infinity. Reashmasters are known to wander the streets of Monmouth County in search of Calcus problems. Can usually refer to a middle aged man of white complexion who is rather monotone. Often incapable of explaining himself, a Reashmaster will resort to deadly violence when necessary to quiet his subjects. Many also refer to Reashmaster as over 9000, dur, jackmaster, or snow.
"Hey Frank, can you help us achieve our goal of infinity?"-Subjects
"Guys...lets stop this right now and focus."-Reashmaster
"But... we need help.."-Subjects
"Lets just focus on the problem."-Reashmaster
"Ok Frank Reashmaster."-Subjects
by Imabeee May 10, 2010
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