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REALTEER. also REALTER. Definition: Pronunciation: \ˈrē(-ə)l-tər, rē-ˈal-tər\. Abbreviation: Rltr.. Plural: Realters. Verb intransitive: Realteer. Verb present participle: Realteering. Verb past participle: Realteered A persons who derive income from Real Estate Services such as Salesperson, Broker, Appraiser, Consultant, Assessor, Developer, Dealer, Administrator, and Educator who is granted by the servicemark owner the privilege to use the title REALTER or abbreviated title RLTR, subject to the REALTER Service Quality Standard Certification or REALTER Professional Seal of Excellence of the servicemark owner.
The main purpose of Mr. Rebisko's visit to the landowner is purely to realteer the property.

Mr. Rebisko's realteering without license was complained by local Realters to the IPORESP Anti-Colorum Task Force led by Rltr. Andres Bonifacio.

Rltr. Bonifacio was able to prove to the court that Mr. Rebisko, in fact realteered the property owned by the widow. Because Mr. Rebisko have no professional license to perform the profession of a Realter, the court meted him with a penalty of 4 years imprisonment and a fine of P200,000.
by Realter August 23, 2011
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