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n. "The Real Hustle".
An English program on BBC3 depicting a group of confidence tricksters pulling different scams and hoaxes, in order to warn the public of possible scammers or con men.

v. "To Real Hustle".
The act of repeating something one has seen on the aforementioned program. For example, pickpocketing.
1: Guy 1: "Dude did you catch 'The Real Hustle' last night?"
Guy 2: "Yeah it was okay, but who the hell wants to steal pens!?"
Guy 1: "It was a sweet pen".

2: Guy 1: "Dude watch out for that shifty man walking around, he might real hustle you."

3: Guy 1: "Dude I totally real hustled some guy on the dancefloor and stole me a fiver!".
Guy 2: "Sweet! Let me hold a dolla'".
by Beeth October 07, 2007
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