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A Real DJ is a professional Disc Jockey that has mastered the art of mixing on turntables. A Real DJ incorporates all styles of mixing, scratching and music blends. A Real DJ will not just sit there and simply push buttons, rather a real DJ will understand that Deejaying is not a sit down job and actively mix , remix and utilize creative mixing techniques to elevate the energy level of any event.
Sad DJ: Aww man this guy's crappy needle keeps skipping and has tracking issues with serato"

Real DJ: "Don't you know Real DJs don't share needles unless they come from a trusted source, LOL"

Sad DJ Connects Ipod to one side of mixer and starts looking through other DJ's laptop asking: "how do I search for songs on here?"

Real DJ 1: "your in a crate you need to, go to ALL MUSIC if you expect to find anything on my computer, besides it's already unplugged from the system, LOL"

Real DJ 2 says to Real DJ 1: "Real DJs don't try and use other DJs song libraries" LOL
by Wheels o Steel September 30, 2009
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