Hym "Oh yes of course, I forgot that one (Not really I haven't forgotten any of them). No, ALL accomplishments are real! Seriously. I seriously mean that when I say it. All of them are real. Especially the ones for which you're not given credit.
Really real. Some super real accomplishments that are totally earned and make you better than everyone. That's what all of your stuff is. Just... Just super real and super earned. Your social lysenkoism is true and correct and the only things more real than your accomplishments are retards. They're the most real people (in my book). I love this new version of honesty I'm trying! It's great because instead of saying what I want to say, I say what I'm allowed to say under threat of violence and theft. And that's how things shout be! Because if I'm allowed to say things people don't like, it's an affront to their ability to violence me. So I need to watch what I say to other people and other people need to... Not do that to me... Because if I violence people for saying things I don't like I go to prison immediately because I don't have fucku money... BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS ANYMORE! I'm turning over a new leaf! Maybe I'll write a monologue later about how genetically and morally inferior I am to everyone (Especially retards with fat cocks). Or maybe a poem about how I should be respecting women for fucking retards. And then I'll find a woman who doesn't want to fuck me and just give her all my money. All of those are good plan! I'm definitely going to do most of them later."
by Hym Iam March 3, 2023
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