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A agility based lightning hero in Warcraft 3 custom map, DOTA. He strike lightning with frenzy, but take more damage. ( Techies will sure first blood this guy before he managed to kill techies! XD ) Chain Lightning is chain nuke, can cause damage to unit it jump. ( It's willl make his opponent hair jump so high until they high )Unholy Aura will make you move faster and increase life regeneration. ( Not fast enough to make you escape from rape. So if you noob, better cry for your mommy because you had lose your virginity. Storm seeker can strike your opponent automatically. ( If some low life hero chase you, this skill will sure piss them off, what a coward!)
killmahai1256 (Razor): You cannot kill me. You sure die.

( Use Frenzy )

Killmahai1256 pwned Alleria Windrunner's head for 245 gold!
Alleria Windrunner pwn killmahai1256's head for 245 gold!

Alleria Windrunner: Lolx! Killing each other!What a Razor the Lightning Relevent!
Killmahai1256: XD!
by i noob at dota April 01, 2009
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