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1. a female who is well equipped with the social grace to acquire the confidence of those close to her (to hold in confidence); trained in the arts & design; retains the ability to teach; as well as shows a keen ability to balance clairvoyance with reality (should probably have a 800 number). Possesses flowing gold & crimson colored hair with a feisty disposition; whose faith in God is unshakable but is secretly a vampire.

verb. (to make a razaana)
2. Stir brown rice flour, agave, orange zest, and salt in bowl until an orange mixture forms. Rub earth balance butter and vanilla into rice flour mixture with fingers until combined and mixture forms large crumbs. Spread crumbs over orange mixture. Bake 30 to 40 minutes or until a warm golden brown. Cool 10 minutes; serve warm with Soy Dream preferrably vanilla!
genus Rosa, an innovator, a Razaana is an individual who does not conform to the thoughts, or beliefs of others. Might seem strange, but in reality, is more accomplished / sound in mind than many that follow the normal. Like John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Barack Obama, J.F. Kennedy, & Lady Ga Ga.
by award winning unconventional February 05, 2010
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