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1) A human/cyborg? generator of expressive verbal terms such as "Oh my.. GOD!" or "you know WHAT?!?"

2) Is graced with the gift of minor narcolepsy. There is no environment that cannot be slept in.

3) Someone everybody loves.

4) God/Provider of transport (can usually be located in a maroon coloured van aptly known as the killer van or victim van.)

5) Makes frequent comparisons/judgments that are heavily opinionated. "That car is the SCUM of ALL cars!!"

6) Legend has it that Raymond has once defeated an entire army in the 15th century. His expertise in immortality is still inexplicable.
"Yo can you help me with this computer science question?"

Raymond Hoac: "Sure, I don't see why not"

"Okay, so question one.."

Raymond Hoac: "zzzzzzzzz."

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