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Raydeen is a girl who is willing to put all others needs in front of hers. She loves to help others and is seeking for love and attention from a man. She is very courageous brave and beautiful and the thing that will catch your eyes is her smile. Raydeen is known to be talented athletic and independent she is strong minded and try’s to keep her feelings to herself. She always tells people she isn’t pretty she never admits she is but she is amazing at giving compliments to others and sticking by their sides at all times. She is super sweet sometimes to sweet if your mean to a Raydeen you must be a terrible person cause this girl can never be mean unless you get her really mad which takes a while. So why don’t you get a Raydeen she will make a good wife,Bestfriend,girlfriend anything you want she is perfect for.
Hey you see that girl Raydeen man she is so majestic and beautiful!
by Raydeen June 16, 2018
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