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Performing intercourse while donning dark sunglasses.

-Used primarily for an outdoor banging on a sunny day, Raybanging can also help give your sexual encounter a jazzy/undercover feel.

-Raybanging can be performed while in a number of sexual positions and is useful for individuals who do not particularly enjoy sex with the lights on, but still want to have it.

Raybanging is best when performed using vintage ray bans or aviators. It can be successfully performed with horned-rims, J-lo shades or clip-on shades, but doing so often compromises its authenticity and mystique.
Matt - "My girlfriend likes to do it with the lights on, but I'm tired of staring at that birth mark that looks like Jay Leno man."

Tommy - "The solution is easy bro. Just man up and raybang her."

ex. "The sun was hurting our eyes, so we slipped on some shades and enjoyed a good bit of raybanging."
by Ima Sicko March 28, 2010
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