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An amazing guy, absolutely wonderful. At first he’s kind of a jerk and comes off as rude, but deep down he’s actually sweet to those he cares about and he’s just wonderful to be around. He’s insecure about himself, even though he’s really romantic when he wants to be. He doesnt open up much unless you ask, and when he does he just gets better and better. He’s such an intriguing person and fascinating. ANY girl would be lucky to have him. He’s sweet and doesn’t like when you put yourself down, he’ll get protective if he needs to and is quite adorable. He isn’t very expressive but when he does say something about his feelings your heart with instantly melt because it’s so special. He’ll pull you in and you’ll never wanna be pushed out. Rawrf is unique and he apologizes a lot, even when he doesn’t need to. Even though he isn’t perfect his imperfections are hidden by his amazingness and you can’t find anyone like him anywhere else, no matter what he says he’s fucking more than wonderful. He knows how to turn a girl on too, hot-
“Rawrf is such a jerk..”

“Yeah well, he’s my adorable jerk.”
by Alice333 August 08, 2018
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An uncontrolable laugh.
Person1: Charbz's memberslist got deleted cause of cockbanning Runehead. Person2: rawrf
by MasterofCocks December 06, 2009
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