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Name originates from the Middle East/ of Arabic origin, a female name. Meaning "the story teller"

A person who offers ones assistance/help or states ones opinion without being asked, but will complain to others about not genuinely wanting to act out these "good" deeds they offered to do.

A person who obeys a persons orders, wants or needs who are in the highest of rank to masquerade their friendship, loyalty and love.

One who conducts acts of kindness in social enviroments/settings, seeking recognition and reward for their efforts and "good" deeds. They disguise their true motives of seeking recognition/reward for their efforts to uphold their good reputation within their community/circle.

A person who gossips/backstabs another in social situations without the person present because they feel threated/jealous by the specific individual. They thrive on adding "fuel to the fire" and recruit/sway others to dislike the person they dislike themself.
Does she like to cook? Nah, she's a Rawia

Liar liar, Rowia on fire

She's a gold digger , works way over time, that digs on me
by smarty_pasty August 24, 2017
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