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(noun) a tease, when something you want is taken away from you

(verb) when something is stolen from you

(adj) describing something that is of or relating to a raviv
1) watching a movie in the movie theatre projector breaks "RAVIV!"

2) "Last night was so great until I chunked... chunking was such a raviv!"

3) "Do you want a ride home? raviv, i'm not driving"

4) "its a sturday night and i have the munchies
i know that theres a sandwich waiting for me in the fridge
i open the fridge door, theres nothing there...raviv"

5) "let's go to the movies"


checks to see what movies are out

"raviv, there's nothing good out, not D"

6) I left my bike outside and it was ravived!

7) say you need to piss in a restaurant with only one bathroom, you go to the bathroom and it's occupied by someone taking a maassive "oof raviv! i'm finder piss my pants"
by OreliousMaximious October 31, 2010
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