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It's more fun than the Republican party and more socially-acceptable than the NeoNazi party. It can just sort of replace the Liberal parties because its pretty much the same thing, except with socialized ecstacy instead of socialized medicine.

The Ravist Party's color is neon. Our nominee for the next presidential election is Kurt Cobaine. It doesn't matter that he's dead, it just means that congress will have more power than the president. Now sit back and imagine a session of Ravist congress.

Every day will be like Fourth of July except with LSD and glowsticks instead of fireworks and barbeques. Electronic and House music will instantly become patriotic. We can ammend the constitution with a glow-in-the-dark pen to make President's Day one big dance party. And elections will take place on top of parking garages in Old Town and will be photographed from every 'artistic' angle.

The Republican candidate advocated the draft, so everyone voted for Kurt Cobain, the Ravist Party Of America's candidate, instead.
by crizazy March 16, 2007
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