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A sex act requiring a man, and a woman with moderate to extreme epilepsy. The man engages the woman in intercourse using the "Doggy style" position. He then turns on an overwhelming amount of strobe lights, triggering in the woman an uncontrollable epileptic seizure. He then has to try his best to continue intercourse AT LEAST until the seizure has passed.

It is believed this method was originated by Indiana Jones, in an attempt to rid himself of his crippling fear of snakes.

To make it more fun, the man can make several changes:
1. Beforehand, get her to wear a pair of novelty plastic fangs. This will make her appear more like a rattlesnake.
2. After turning on the strobe lights, superglue a baby's rattle to her lower back and/or ankles. This will produce a rattling sound guaranteed to get any snake enthusiast in the mood.

3. Perform the act in the middle of a desert or somewhere rattlesnakes can be found. Combine with #2 to attract real rattlesnakes and make it a bigger challenge to avoid being bitten.
Man: "Hey (epileptic) Sarah, you wanna wear these rattle-I mean vampire fangs and have anal sex?"
Sarah: "I *LOVE* twilight! That sounds sexy, lets do it!"
Man: "I tried to have a Rattlesnake Rodeo last night with sarah, but she choked to death on the fangs during her seizure and now I'm going to prison."
Friend: That sucks. You should have tried the Alligator Fuckhouse instead.
by indiejones May 11, 2009
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