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When a Men cannot get his penis erect due to the intake of too much alcohol when trying to have sexual intercourse with a lady friend. In this case the man performs oral on the woman while rapidly jerking off. The sole purpose of the “Rattle Munch” is to get the penis erect in a total black out. This move is 100% done only for the purpose of getting erect, not for pleasure to the lady. The male rapidly wiggles his tongue, making a brutal face, while burning a layer of skin off the penis. If done correctly, the female with have no idea the move is being perfected. The move was originated in Billerica, MA.
Chris gets home from the bar after drinking heavily. He went home with a girl with intensions of having intercourse. They are hot and heavy, but Chris penis is not working because he is 100% blacked out. Therefore Chris must “Rattle Munch” to get his penis erect. Once erect, intercourse can start.
by El Creepo 17 October 14, 2011
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