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Usually used simply as "Inflation", Rating inflation occurs from someone's affinity for a certain quality or multiple qualities of someone of the opposite sex while checking them out and rating them. This is based off of the 1-10 scale. When someone is 'rating inflating' or suffering from rating inflation they will usually score the person of the opposite sex above what they actually are and as a consequence will psyche themselves out when trying to approach the person to hit on them. Also usually causes an immediate reaction of the group the inflater is in to barrage them with insults.

Side effects include: Lack of confidence, creepy wheezing, shaking, wet dreams, viruses from specialized porn sites, and in severe cases public humiliation.
Dack: Damn boys, look at that HB(Hot babe). 10, no doubt!
Friend 1: That's fuckin' disgusting, she's a 3 at best.
Friend 2: Yeah, there's nothing on that slate, I wouldn't tap that if I got paid.
Friend 3: Dack, you need to get your rating inflation looked at, you're way too into Asians and I'm worried about you.

Examples of Rating Inflation topics and the average correlating race with each quality:

(x usually rating inflated by y)

Fat chicks by Mexicans

Big asses by Black people

White girls by Black people

White girls by White supremacist

White supremacist's wives by Black people

Asians by White and Black people

Big boobs by men as a general

Elderly by Mexicans

Nice teeth by Asians

Also, it is important to note that recent studies in worldwide supermarkets and 3rd wards have shown that Black women are not usually inflated by anyone.

Sorry Oprah, our bad.
by Dragonbgone August 31, 2010
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