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Once small village in Kootenai Count, Northern Idaho residing at the bottom of the Selkirk mountains. Everyone knew each-other and helped out their neighbors. Farmers, loggers, and skilled tradesman aliked help keep the community knit tight together with strong character and Idaho's friendly demeanor. Activities in the area once included fishing, hunting, drinking beer, and living a carefree lifestyle.

Now basically a hub of relocated Californians who have continued to migrate to Rathdrum in droves since the early 1990's. The once lush farmland of the prairie has transformed into a grid of tract homes bordering a ridiculous manufactured pond in a lower middle class gated community. Activities now include driving like an idiot, putting up no hunting signs, financing lifted trucks that are ran through a car wash daily, and eating vegan burgers while complaining about the plaid wearing natives and how they refuse to accept "change".
I grew up in Rathdrum, we used to play in the creek tunnel and sled down Hearts hill. Now kids cannot even visit those places for fear that NewRathdrumians will call the cops claiming there's gang activity.
by Johnsen81 August 08, 2018
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A small city in Northern Idaho that lacks much small-town charm. The sounds of trains can become annoying because there are tons of trains and railroad tracks weaving throughout the streets. It is just a 45 minute drive from Spokane and near the the beautiful Coeur d' Alene lake.
hick-town, boringville, Rathdrum
by Mrs. Grey July 31, 2008
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