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big ass black lady from 2007 comedy "Norbit".
played by eddie murphy

known for her phrase: "how YOU doin?!!!"
famous quotes:

"I don't weigh no damn 300 lbs. I weigh 165! How YOU doin'? "

Rasputia: Rasputia gets into her car with Norbit and her chest keeps pressing the horn God damm it, Norbit, how many times I got to tell you when you drive my car, don't adjust my seat?
Norbit: I haven't touched your seat.
Rasputia: Then why's it up so damn far?
Norbit: It looks like it's back as far as it goes, Rasputia.
Rasputia: No, you moved it! I can tell! Cuz look, when I inhale, my titty make the horn honk! See, listen!
horn honks
Rasputia: See that?
horn honks again
Rasputia: That ain't right!
horn honks again
Norbit: I hear it.
Rasputia: Uh huh, that scientifically proves that you adjusted my seat!
Norbit: That's not science.
Rasputia: It is and just let it go!
Norbit: It's not science.
Rasputia: I said 'let it go!'
Norbit: I'm just saying...
Rasputia punches him in the face
Rasputia: growls I said it was science, god damm it!

Gasps and looks appalled Of course I'm wearing bottoms!
lifts up her roll of belly fat covering her bathing suit bottom

and when described by a pimp: "an escalade in a wedding dress"
by anonymously_h00d7689 January 16, 2009
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