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(RA-SPAK) adjective: A colloquial term originating in the San Francisco bay area originating from the word respect and the admiration for ingenuity or just flat out apathy.
*John wears sweats to prom*

me: dude that guy is so raspak!

Fernando: dude I didn't study at all for my AP gov final and I got a 95%
Laquisha: dude, you are so raspak!

other common examples of raspak: driving a mini van, wearing sweats in public, wearing a speedo, truancy, shopping at a thrift store, flipping off a cop, wearing vans and a tuxedo, going to a wedding in shorts and flip flops, insubordination, buying pornography for homeless people, tequila volleyball, and many more.
by playaboss69 January 30, 2011
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