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A rape fetish is when the women/man likes the feeling of being touched with giving consent. But the other person doing the touching is trusted. Kind of like role-play.
Hey man have you heard or this thing called a “rape fetish” ? My girlfriend has it and we tried it last night. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.
by The_new_cummer May 10, 2018
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To get raped then get horny when its over
*zebra comes out of nowhere and rapes selena gomez*
Selena gomez:hey zebra lets have sex i have a rape fetish
*the 2 got married a year later and cheated on zebra with other rapists the zebra found out when selena gomez came home with dick breath and her pants still down with cum leaking out her ass*
by dick the big dicked duck February 12, 2013
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