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1. A guy who gets girls at college (or other) parties super wasted and takes them to the bathroom (or other facility) to have sexual intercourse with only half to no consent on the girl's part.

2. An actual monster, be it one that lives under a bed, in the woods, in dark places, or Detroit, who rapes people, animals, or other monsters.

3. A "cougar" who loiters at hotel lobbies and bars and lures young men (as young as 16) into their hotel room with the promise of a joint venture of "Call of Duty" for PS3, and proceeds to force themselves on the young man sexually.
1. "Ya, Benny's in jail man. He totally banged that chick last night but she musta' changed her mind midway, 'cause her dad called the cops and told them he was a RAPE MONSTER."

2. "That Barney the dinosaur totally lost it on set the other day and went RAPE MONSTER on that little Jimmy kid."

3. "Stay away from that old cougar man. She's a total RAPE MONSTER."
by milehighpat June 18, 2010
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