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The most beautiful girl ever. Arabian name. Raofah is smart and sensitive. Raofah is hot, sexy and has a smile that would kill you. Don't make her mad or she will get revenge. Raofah is usually a long hair girl with dark hair. Raofah is always wanting to be different. Therefore, Raofah would dye her hair to a blonde or a blonde ombre. Raofah is wild and crazy, Normally Raofah's middle name is Rose. Raofah is sneaky but nice and normally popular. However Raofah is a family loving girl. When it comes to relationships, she always puts her best into it and tries to be like her mother. Raofah is a good girl who is stays at home but often wants to adventure with friends. Raofah does make mistakes in her life but learns from it. Therefore let her do what she wants and she will learn the hard way.
That girl name is Raofah and she is really pretty

Raofah, I never heard of that name but it sound beautiful
by Catlady16 May 27, 2018
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