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Rangers Minded (commonly pronouced ra Rangers minded) is the term used to describe certain sections of ra Rangers support.

The clue in in the name r ANGER s,

To be part of the ra Rangers Minded one must be:-

1) In constant state of Permarage (this is a must)

2) Hate everything Green

3) Hate everything Celtic

4) Cause utter Carnage at the sight of a screen cutting off, refer to ra Rangers Minded in Manchester 08.

5) Hate everything Celtic

6) Get permarage at people saying you have permarage GRRR!!

7) Hate anything Catholic

8) Deflect, Deny & Lie to anyone who mentions Rangers Minded.

9) Celebrate Celtics Failure more then Ra Rangers Success.

10) If you have not perfected the war Cry " Weeeeee Arrrrrraaaaaa Peeeeeeeeppppooooooo" then you simply cannot be part ra Rangers Minded.

11) Must Must Must have a Monobrow that twitches uncontrollably at anything Green, Celtic or Irish. If you do not have one, buy one, If like most of ra Rangers minded you do not have a Job and cant buy one, steal a Permanent marker and draw one.

12) Hate anything Celtic

13) Hate the Pope

14) Pyoor hate the fact that yoor in Big Jocks Shadow and create a campaign to try Blacken his name

15) If defeated on Old Firm day and ra Monobrow is twitching in Overdrive and the Permarage has kicked in, you Must Batter the Mrs to a pulp, if she is out wae ra weans shoppin at Lidls, boot the dug aboot!!

16) Be an avid Supporters of ra Rangers Fc AKA Crimewatch Fc

17) To wreak Havoc on any City you visit with your fellow minded Losers

These are just some examples of how to become part of Ra Rangers Minded.
Q - why did those 10 men with blue tops batter the living daylights of that innocent bystander??

A - He had a hint of green in his T-Shirt and they are part of ra Rangers Minded.


"Weeeeeee aaaarrrrraaaaa Peeeeeeppppooooo"

"Whats is that whale of a man out there shouting"

Oh hes shouting "we are the people", hes part of ra rangers Minded.
by DavidEdgar.FTP. August 21, 2009
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