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Probably the most comical person on the internet right now! Part of the MyWay Entertainment clique. In little voice over skits the MyWay team does for the greatest morning cartoons, he's known widely for the voice of the "juggernaut"!

They have done:

Power Rangers
Street Fighter

and soon to be TMNT!!
quotes from Randy Hayes:

Yeah!! It's the juggernaut bitch!!!

Oh it's time, baby!! I like yo' raincoat! cant run!!

Aww.... aint that a bitch, I didn't f*** em... I only f*** ostriches...

I aint got no pupils in my eyes... IM BAD!!

Im sick and tired of always having to fu***** rape these Zebras and shit you know?.... SHUT UP ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES

13 elephants, 14 bitches in a hot-air balloon with some phone books,

these nuts I got they like, regenerate my dick

Oh shit thats a seal!!!

I gotta spend....45 mins on my perm...

Where is that tape of me fu**** that penguin?

Why the f*** I get a gun, its cause im black?

Frosty poopy eddie eddie!!!

Black power motha fu***

Silly bitch yo weapons can not harm me....get that shit out my face bitch.... I GOT THIS SHIT IN 4th GRADE!!! OH NOOOO!!! PIMP SMACK YO' ASS BITCH!!!

Ha, aint that a bitch im ketchup motha f****, mustard... ZAP YO' DUMBASS!!!

I'm the juggernaut bitch!!! imma hit choo with your own pimp!! I'm bad, I'm the baddest motha f**** in the world.

Oh It's the Juggernaut bitch, and I got a bitch with me YES were gonna have a fucking rape party!!!

Not as long as im wearing these Jamaican colors...

This bitch is throwin firecrackers..........

WTF Charles?!
by ictizzle smoke August 14, 2006
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