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A failing NSW government school in which carries a notorious reputation around the general public.
Famous for producing fine athletes such as Chuck Norris and offering a wide range of sports ranging from russian roulette kick-boxing and naked mud wrestling.
Below is an example of a confrontation between a cityrail officer and a student.
The Cityrail officer's eyes meet with your Randwick Boys logo on your shirt. He says: "Randwick (pause) Boys (pause) high school" to agitate and piss you off. You stare at him as if to say stfu but you don't say a word. He insults you and then makes a joke which only outlines his stupidy, as no-one, not even his colleagues, find it at all funny or amusing. You walk away after 10 minutes of hassle, angry at the fact you've missed the 8am train and also at the fact you've had your time wasted by a cityrail douchebag whom was being another typical, immature, dickhead. Unsatisfied, you continue your journey to another day of school, knowing all too well that the day ahead had worse to come.

Randwick Boys' High School
by ImSureYoullAgreeWithMe June 06, 2009
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