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(ran-dum-i-dus) n. a mental disorder usualy found in highly distracted indivudals characterized by socially unacceptiable (strange) activity, speaking or thinking out of context, drawing on napkins, walls, and small animals, inability to sleep. Often perceived as anti-social or misunderstood. Individuals with this disorder may experience hallucenations, creative diarreah, and may say random things and make random voices at any given time. Individuals with Randomidous should be handled with extreme care to avoid combustion.

(Randomidous is always capitalized)
Girl1: My homie always tripping out and saying weird things that dont make anysense.
Girl2: Damn she prolly got Randomidous. I heard its like ADD only worse.
by Randomidousยฎ October 09, 2005
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