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The curious phenomenon that occurs when a stranger spots you at the gym in which you are able to lift heavier than usual.
This can occur due to a number of factors -

1. You do not want to be embarrassed by not being able to hit the weight you loaded up on the bar in front of a stranger.
2. You do not trust that you will get a safe spot from this stranger so as part of self-preservation the adrenaline kicks in.
3. You fear that the stranger will assist when you don't need it, so you enable beast mode.
(A combination of several of these scenarios are common occurrences)
"Dude, I hit 190 for 5 reps on incline today like it was nothing." said Jimmy

"Whoa, you didn't come close to that last week...what gives?" queries Jefferson.

"Must have been the random spot adrenaline kicking in" replied Jimmy
by archyis July 02, 2009
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