A typical Random dude b often appears in places where he's extremely unwanted and even though the people he tries to integrate with make it very clear that they don't want to spend their precious time with this particular random dude b he either doesn´t realise that or he chooses to completely ignore various signals that explicitly express a high level of antipathy for random dude b. sometimes he even goes as far as taking picture with the goup who's unwillingly hanging out with him and he posts them on different social media websites e.g. Instagram. This certain behavior is caused by his need to prove to people that he has 'friends'.
B:YA:Yo you wanna hang out at Kickz later ?eah man i'd love to but someone told me that random dude b would also be there sol i'll pass on that man !
by Fett/D=Senegal,Fett August 5, 2017
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