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Randiel Martinez is a Fortnite playing fucktard who usually talks about moms sitting on controllers and then gets banged the next day by Morel Playz and later on he also gets banged by Jamill Delgado the kid with the biggest dick in the solar system. Randiel Martinez is great at sucking dick especially if they have crust in between their hoodies he likes to claim that he plays basket ball but he’s a Fortnite playing faggot. He is also related to Obesha Brown Javier Kirk and EnREEKque Rex. He is in a relationship with Deangay Lee.
Guy 1: Is that Randy takes the L Martinez

Gucci boy Barz: Yeah that’s him alright

Gucci boy barz: I also heard he got beat the fuck up by Jamill Big Dick Delgado

Randiel Martinez sucks cock
by J Definitions September 07, 2019
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