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Your dream guy. The sexiest man in the universe. Known to be called God in bed. you'll get the most amazing hottest orgasmic and addicting experience anywhere and everywhere with him. Definitely the biggest package. he is THE man. Best Kisser Ever. Knows how to keep you happy. Not only can he give you an orgasm just by his touch. He also has a sensitive side that every woman wishes to receive. He will love everything about you. And everything you've ever wished for- he will never disappoint. Very intelligent. Strong. Always wins in any competition- he's just THE man. Best futball player this world has ever seen. Amazing. The BEST. Loves big cheeks. Everyone wants to be him. Thousands of friends. Coolest guy to be around. Life of the party. If you have a RamialBahri- you'll never want anything else...he's just that amazing.
"Once you go never go back!"
"Yo man, Ramialbahri came over last night, we all had the sickesttt time! That guy's THE man!"
by pink0112013 February 11, 2010
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