Literally: female brancher or she-who-swings-from-branch-to-branch (or from dick to dick). This term is used to address promiscuous women of malicious nature. According to many seasoned Spanish Soap Opera viewers, ramera is the utmost insulting way to call a woman a slut in their native tongue. This term is also occasionally used in some Latin American countries to refer to certain type of shirts.
Ramera (slut)
"No puedo creer que te has acostado con mi esposo y todos sus hermanos...eres una ramera" (English: I cannot believe that you have bedded my husband and all of his are a ramera").
"Mira esa ramera...cómo le gusta un palo" (English: look at that ramera, how she loves a stick).
"La ramera salvaje ambula por la selva, saltando de rama a rama" (English: the wild ramera wanders through the jungle, swinging from branch to branch).

Ramera (shirt)
"¡Mamá! ¿Qué has hecho con mi ramera del chavo del 8?" (English: Mom! What have you done with my chavo of the 8 shirt?).
by wolfdude88 September 25, 2013
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