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Being a long story teller with no particular point to the story. Like Fergalicious, only driving someone insane by mentally making them follow your story to no apparent end, for no apparent reason. Can include personal details that may be considered TMI by some standards. An adjective to describe someone or somethings' inappropriate excessiveness, particularly in speech. The combination of Ramble and Delicious. The ramble implying there is no end, and delicious because on the Fergie-10 scale, the delicious part (or point) is a Fergie. An almost seemingly constant rant about nothing you care about.
Steve: So me and my mother were half way through our second meatball sandwich at subway when the change that I got from my 6" tuna on harvest cheddar was used next door at the food lion to buy a dr pepper that ended up exploding on me when I opened it like when I came all over your sister's face back when we dated. What karma.

Dave: I'm sorry, what? You lost me.

Tom: This MF'er is rambalicious.
by scarecrowo July 11, 2009
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