He's your typical Go-to Guy. He always has an answer to anything and everything. He is charming, Loveable, Smart and thoughtful in every thinkable way possible. He's always up for a laugh. He's the kind of the guy who you want on your side.
Who's the Ramakrishnan of this group?
by Vivlavide November 24, 2021
an organism with a perm that likes to stuter
that guy over there is an Amoagh Ramakrishnan
by g2b1o2y1 October 9, 2021
the name might sound a bit like old ig?? but the personality?? is a really good person, loves to protect their loved ones, and is protective over them and the one who doesn't love me back.
person : "he's such a tsundere"
another person speaking to person : "omg was his name ramakrishnan??"
by hopeless romantic :') November 24, 2021