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Rakaia is a girl whose looks can be deceiving. She may seem nice and innocent, but inside she is one party animal full of mischief and fun. She has unbelievable beauty like a model and has the best legs. Rakaia has amazing fashion and loves to show it off. She deffinately knows how to strut her stuff the right way to get the boys attention. All Rakaia's are stunners. Rakaia will get along with almost about anyone but they can be catty at times when they stand up for themselves. She will not back down to anyone. She can stay in a committed relationship and are rarely single. Rakaia is a dedicated hard worker in school and strives for excellence. She lives life to the fullest!
by Dafadil October 29, 2013
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Rakaia is a town Near Ashburton New Zealand, and was founded by two mate hedgehogs. Men are still the dominent race in Rakaia and women who turn out to be witches are fed to the giant salmon.
Don't live in Rakaia
by floofadoofera April 08, 2013
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