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Master of Past and Present. 30 Years old, White hair, hourglass shaped pupils, gold skin. Very frail. A tragic Hero in the world of Krynn. (Dragonlance Novels) Cocky, Selfish, smart, intellegent. Twin Brother to Caramon Majere. Owner of the staff of Magius. Dalamar's Shalafi ( Master)
Raistlin was believed to me the most powerful Archmagus.
Raistlin was the youngest to take the test in the Tower of High Sworcery and pass. With the Help of Evil Lich Fistandantilus ( Whom Raistlin later defeated and devoured in life force). Raistlin became a worshiper of the Red Robes ( Lunitari) and became one of the heros of the lance. He later accepted the Black Robes with a deal he made with Fist and began his quest to dethrown the God Tahkisis. His plans changed when his twin brother was blasted into the future and saw the world and it's remains IF Raistlin succeeded. He then traveled back to the Abyss where Raistlin and the Cleric Crysania was and for warned Raistlin of what he saw. Raistlin, not wanting the fate that his brother had seen, sacrificed himself to the Dark Queen in the Abyss and the Portal was closed. In the Abyss, Raistlin was killed and then brought back to life every day by the Dark Queen for torture. Paladine granted Raistlin Peace and allowed his soul to rest because of his final good deed.. Years past and Caramon's son was Palin was scheduled to take the test in the towers where Dalamar ( Raistlin's apprentice and a spy for the conclave) summoned what he thought was an illusion of Raistlin only Raistlin has summoned himself.
He assisted his nephew in the War and later he finally left Krynn with the other Gods. He returned again for the final time to help the God's locate Krynn after Tahkesis hid the world. He was finally admitted into the River of Souls with his Twin Caramon Majere
The Raistlin Majere Chronicles.
The soulforge.

Dragons of the hourglass Mage-Raistlim Majere

by Master of Past and Present March 20, 2009
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