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When a person or persons take a rainstick, a dried cactus used as a sacred native american holy object, wrap it with packing tape, shove a couple condoms on the end with generous amounts of vaseline or lube on it and proceed to shove it up their own or their same sex male cousin's anus....repeatedly. Note: Rainsticks are about 3 feet long and are splintery with morraca sounding cactus seeds inside. When shaking your ass you can truly make it rain. Feel the power of the sex toys of circumstance and watch out for splinters....ouch. Note this is the equivilent of shoving a 3 to 6 foot and 5 inch diameter crucifix up your vagina or anus willingly by yourself or with a stranger you met while cruising the HoJo or Waffle House, whatever your prefence. Also known as: Janet-ing or Ed-it-ing yourself. Not to be confused with making it rain with dollas at the strip club. First signs that your partner may be rainsticking are: 1. Leaving for work at 5:30 am only to find them stabbing the couch with a samurai sword in a meth frenzy with a punctured colon. 2. Finding stashes of enemas with lube and saved web searches about homemade cameraless colonoscopy methods. See also: Chronic constipation, screaming from bathroom during BM, splinters in the anus, bruised techicolored anus, demonic screaming sessions and faux- German trances while ripping hair from ones head and screaming while on Opana.
Wow, I really loved that rainstick my Dad bought me until I left my boyfriend Paul for my new husband and upon touching the rainstick cried out "There is lube and buttgrease coating atleast 9 inches of this rainstick which has been broken and retaped at the end due to vigorous anal insertion...Now I know why he could never take a shit without screaming...Was it the cactus spines or the simple fact he shoved a stick up his ass...literally..."
Example: He was rainsticking like the Thor, god of thunder. Shake that ass, butt watch yourself.
by AbdulRahman January 02, 2013
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