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1. v. To throw up uncontrollably after consuming a small amount of alcohol at a party.
2. v. To pass out before 10:00 pm on New Years Eve.
3. v. To pass out on a toilet at a party and have it posted on the internet.
4. v. To pass out anywhere at any given time.
5. v. To let your friend shave your head because you were to high to know better, despite the fact that you love your hair.
6. v. To think you look like Tom Brady.
7. v. To think you look like Ashton Kutcher.
8. v. To possess the ability to sink a ball in your own cups off a hanging light not once, but twice in the same game in a game of beer pong and then proceed to call yourself a "beast" (See Def. #9.)
9. v. To refer to yourself as a "beast" at least twice a day.
10. v. To be the best around, at everything.
11. v. To attempt to argue anything, at any place or any time.
12. v. To pronounce the slang term bro, brah.
Did you see him at the party, he was Raiming (rāme•ing) so hard.
by champbaileywasdownsolivewithit February 08, 2010
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