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Rich girls, usually horsey in origin, who wear peasant-like clothes and scarves with generally messy hair that they can't stop fiddling with every few minutes. They tend to jingle as they walk thanks to their jubilee of dangly earrings, necklaces and bracelets all worn at once. The secret is disingenuity - successful rah girls look like they have effortlessly thrown together a perfect outfit in five minutes when actually they have missed two lectures trying to find the purple belt that matches their Mexican head-scarf and Navaho-inspired earrings. They have an inability to wear fewer than five layers of clothing and cannot be seen without a pashmina draped about their person. Rah feigns randomness, hiding the fact that each messy strand of hair has been artfully placed, each layer of clothing deliberately arranged to flop prettily over the body.
Rah Girl: *posh accent* "Rah rah rahhhh"
Me: "What?"
Rah Girl: "I bought these Bolivian holy silver tiger plated fertility bangles from a peasant I met in Romania in the summer and my bag is made out of authentic Latvian moose hide!"
Me: "oh.."
Rah Girl: "Yaaaahhhh!" *whinnys*
by Noobayay January 07, 2008
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