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A word used by fans of the legendary rock band Radiohead to describe themselves.

Radiofriends are generally kind, shy people that also tend to be hotter that the general population. Although they are well known for their warm attitude towards societey, they have been well known to become hostile towards emo kids, fans of the heavy metal band Tool and members of the public who for some unprecedented and moronic reason do not like the band Radiohead.

Radiofriends tend to also be Indie kids. This is because they like to listen to underground alternative music which your common person would never have heard of. They dress in their own particular style, whilst still looking cool and trendy but, they mostly all wear Coverse trainers as a common theme to their identity.
Radiofriend #1: Hello, what is your favorite song?

Radiofriend #2: I dunno, Knives Out is pretty amazing, but yet again so is Idioteque, Lucky, The Tourist etc. etc. etc.

Radiofriend #2: Nice to meet you Radiofriend.
by Harrold J. Simpson January 30, 2007
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