Any of a variety of loose women with boobage in excess of a Double D. It is the exact opposite of a Titty Town Cunt.
Julie: "What the hell is a Rack City Bitch?"

Chris: "Oh its a twat with huge boobs, like that whore Deshawna"
by Rainbow Rev February 24, 2012
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A city that contains girls who are always a tease to boys who will fuck absolutely almost anything that they can find that has a dick or a vagina. Also, usually have hooters (gigantic boobs) and live in these states:
New York

New Mexico
Rack City Bitches HATE other girls who look the slightest bit prettier than them also.
"Dude! My girlfriends taking me to New York!"

"She better watch out for them Rack City Bitch es
by LuluBabyLovesKnox February 6, 2012
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