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Origin: described by a lesbian after a drunken night where she was picked up by a woman. Refusal to have sex after feeling so drunk and realizing the woman in question was gross.
1) The act of vomiting on a vagina while performing oral sex. Primarily after one has a lot of alcohol thus sterilizing the area.
2) vomiting pure alcohol after imbibing far too much
3) vomiting after hearing, smelling or seeing something

particularly disgusting (in reference to a woman's vagina) and unable to keep it in.
4) adj. Describing how grossed out you are by something.
5) vomiting in a way where in shoots out of your mouth like a douche
There was no way I was going down on her. I had ten shots and the girl was gross. I wouldve Rachel Douched all over her but she definitely needed it and a shot of penicilin.
by raymcday August 08, 2012
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